Interview with Diego Fidalgo, from University Computing Group

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Interview on the channel 8 TV Castilla y León to Diego Fidalgo, student's degree of computer engineering and member of the University computer science group (GUI) : = n0pRPOoMqm8

Recently Diego, along with other students of the GUI and Pastrana Javier, student of telecommunications, they got a great success in the competition Life Green ICT, forming under the name of 'Greeficient' team.

The obtained awards were the audience award He organized the Facebook "My footprint TIC" with your idea "Mooby", valued at € 500; as well as the Prize for the best project by "Blueberry Car Connect", that amounted to € 3000.

See “Green ICT League ends with a meeting between companies in the ICT sector and the young finalists”


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