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Our research group is looking for a candidate for a FPI grant/associated TIN2014-58304-R research project “SEMANTICS IN A BIG DATA ANALYSIS PLATFORM”. We are interested in motivated candidates, good level of English and who want to carry out their thesis within our research group. The candidate should preferably have knowledge of Semantic Web, Linked Data and Big Data, being the subject of the project the following:


The perception is the process by which a person selects, organizes and interprets the stimulus It receives to give them a meaning, interpreting them. This project addresses the selection, Organization and interpretation of the results of analysis of the Big Data through semantics.

The term "Big Data" refers to data that cannot be processed or analyzed using techniques traditional. The Big Data analysis allows to extract information from these data. Multitude of software around the Apache Hadoop project solutions are solving the various problems to through this project and other complementary. Ideally, these advancements enable to democratize the access to Big Data, bringing it to SMEs, but the rapid evolution of these technologies and the lack of qualified professionals make that SMEs have difficulties to take advantage of the same.

The construction of framewoks of Big Data analysis enabling the re-use of solutions and algorithms will end up making them accessible. The intelligence of business or BI (the English Business Intelligence) is the set of strategies and tools focused on the management and creation of knowledge through the analysis of existing data in an organization. BI tools are based on the use of a information system that is built with data extracted from the production process, with the information related company and economic data. This set of tools and methodologies are in common accessibility to information, the support in decision-making and guidance for the user final. The complete interconnection between the results of the analysis of Big Data and BI is with the problem of the relationship between these results and models of data used by the techniques the scorecards of BI applications and analysis. The automatic interpretation of results the analysis of the Big Data specifying their semantics and the preservation of the context of how these are to be produced are some of the challenges when you try to add these results in business processes.

In this scenario arises the concept of Smart Data, defined as the result, with its full context and a standardized format, the process of analysis that is conducted to extract relevant information and knowledge from Big Data. By context to mean all the (goal)relevant information that allow you to interpret the results of the analysis. This will have as a consequence the actionability of such results. It will thus facilitate the interpretation of these data; allows to integrate easily with other data structured; It will facilitate the integration of the analysis system of the Big Data with BI systems and; It will enable the interconnection of algorithms and third-party services; etc..

The perception project here We propose is aimed at integrating techniques and results of the analysis of the Big Data with a layer of metadata (the objects of analysis data, the techniques of analysis and the domain where these are apply) by introducing the concept of Smart Data as a fundamental idea to break down the barriers of Analysis of the Big Data technologies-related access and applicability.

The application deadline is the 29 in June of 2015 to the 15.00 hours. For this reason, We ask interested as soon as possible contact with Joseph F. Aldana (


More information on the announcement in the Official Gazette published the bases (

Call for a maximum of 1.018 aid for the recruitment of pre-doctoral researchers, with a duration of four years, in order to develop a doctoral thesis associated to:

  • Research project funded by the aid for r & d projects of the State subprogramme of generation of knowledge in the framework of the State program of promotion of scientific research and technology of excellence or subsidies for r & d 'Challenges research' of the State program of research projects, Development and innovation geared to the challenges of society, respectively, in their announcements 2014, the Ministry of economy and competitiveness, and that such projects have been selected as susceptible to associate one or more aid for the training of doctors, through this call for proposals.
  • R & d centres which have obtained an aid in the framework of calls for support centers of excellence Severo Ochoa and units of excellence María de Maeztu, the Ministry of economy and competitiveness.

Funding: 20.500€/ year + other concepts. Helps understand three concepts:

  1. Support for the financing of contracts: 20.500€/ year, of which at least, 16.422€per year will be devoted
    exclusively to the hiring of pre-doctoral researcher.
  2. Support for the realization of stays: Only help, 4.750€.
  3. Support for doctoral tuition fees: Unique ayuda1.500€.

Submission of applications: Since the 15 from June until the 29 in June of 2015 to the 15:00h.