Faro program – scholarships for practices abroad

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The LIGHTHOUSE program that promotes and finances the Ministry of education, Culture and sport of Spain, It aims to promote the mobility of students in last year's all Spanish universities conducting formative practices in companies located in Europe, United States and Canada and in Spanish or multinational companies in Asia-Pacific.

The program that has a duration of 3 years will start from April of 2015, period during which will be awarded 618 practices with an average duration of 6 months. Each beneficiary will have a monthly aid that will vary depending on the cost of maintenance of the country of destination, as well as an amount to cover the costs of travel and the visa. It is managed by the General Foundation of the Valladolid University.


To participate is required:

  1. Be a student, Spanish and foreign lower of 30 years, with legal residence in Spain and in a Spanish university studies.
  2. Be enrolled in university education leading to the award of a Bachelor's degree, Bachelor's degree, Engineering, Technical engineering, Architecture and technical architecture, and have passed a minimum of the 70 per cent of the appropriations required for the obtaining of such title or are working towards the end of career project.
  3. Comply with the requirements of entry and stay in the countries of destination, prior to joining.
  4. Not been the beneficiary in advance of a mobility grant (ARGO, Lighthouse, Members), or any other assistance funded by Ministry of education, Culture and sport with the same object or purpose.

If you are interested, access our website where you will find more information and you can register or update your details: www.becasfaro.es

Faro program