Competition T – Programme of training through internships in companies and institutions for newly graduates of the UVa

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You can participate if not more than two years have passed since your last official degree of grape (Licensed, Diploma, Degree or master's degree) and are enrolled in

In addition you can not have had a working relationship that is more than three months according to your degree, and not having enjoyed another practice within this programme.

The duration of your stay may be of 6 o 9 uninterrupted months, and there is the possibility of extension. If the time of dedication to the realization of your internship is of the 100% the current schedule in the company, you will receive monthly gross minimum support scholarship of the 100% of the IPREM, and if your dedication is of the 80% Schedule, you will receive a gross minimum support scholarship of the 80% of the IPREM. You'll be contributing to Social security as established in the current legislation.

If you are interested, access our website where you will find more information and you can register or update your details: