Summer internship for College of technology-based startups

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  • They can take part in the seventh edition of the program Embark on your practice students in last year's Computer engineering, Telecommunications, Industrial and chemical, Math, Chemical Sciences, Administration and business management, Economy, Marketing, Journalism, Advertising, Graphic design, Communication and trade.
  • The 45 selected candidates will have the opportunity to experience the challenges and satisfaction that involves working in a startup of technology-based.
  • Practices will be held for two months in full-time (July and August of 2015) and they count with a help to the study of €800 per month.
  • In the new edition of the program joins a startup located in Berlin to the 32 technology companies involved in the initiative and which are located in Madrid, Barcelona, Valencia, La Coruña, Avila and Mallorca.
  • In their six previous editions have already participated 140 University Spanish.


The Fundación José Manuel Entrecanales (FJME) has opened the submission of applications to participate in the seventh edition of the program Embark on your practice, that will take place during the months of July and August of 2015, in 32 start-ups of technology based in Madrid, Barcelona, Valencia, La Coruña, Avila, Mallorca and, for the first time, also in Berlin.

Driven by the Fundación José Manuel Entrecanales (FJME), with the collaboration of the Fundación Universidad-empresa, This initiative aims to promote entrepreneurial culture among young people, support business initiatives with great potential, and offer added value for students training practices.

In the six previous editions of the program Embark on your practice they have already participated 140 University. This new call offers 45 squares for last years of computer engineering students, Telecommunication and Industrial, Math, Chemical Sciences, Administration and business management, Economy, Marketing, Journalism, Advertising, Graphic design, Communication and trade.

Practices will be held at full-time and successful candidates will receive a bag of aid to the study of 800 € gross per month and will be discharged in the General Social security scheme in accordance with the regulations in force.

Each of the selected youth will be incorporated for two months in one of the 32 startups participating in the program, all of them are very innovative and dynamic sectors-leading, with international reach, large teams of professionals and above all with great potential for growth. Through its participation in the program, students will learn – in a dynamic environment, creative and agile – How are solved problems and how we must adapt to a changing environment. Efforts shall also be taken into account, because many times in these small innovative companies the contributions of persons unrelated to the project are very valuable.

In the words of Pablo Ventura, Director of the FJME, "it is a program that", year after year, It has been consolidated as a key instrument to promote entrepreneurship, in a double direction: on the one hand, It is an incentive in the incorporation into the labour market and, on the other hand, It grants aid to global and innovative business projects through the impulse of young students".

Those interested in opting for one of the convened shall Register in before the next day 15 June.


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The Fundación José Manuel Entrecanales the entrepreneurship and innovation, born in November of 2009, count among its main objectives with the promotion of innovative business initiatives It will contribute to sustainable economic development, to which will offer financial and technical support. Another purpose of the Foundation is to foster the entrepreneurial attitude of students with various practical programmes such as the programme undertakes your practices. More information on:

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