The school hosted the 'Scratch Day 2015'

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Saturday 16 may was held in our school the IV Scratch Day. The school was filled with hustle and bustle and joy. What good wake up on a Saturday morning! Very good vibes! The batteries are loaded well!


We saw many familiar faces: families who repeated from previous years, families that we had said in the past that had not been able to come but which in the end were already here, companions of this and other centres of the University of Valladolid and, something that filled us with special joy… Filled with former students of this school. Alumni returning years later, some bring their children or cousins, nephews to learn and enjoy learning and others who came to work as monitors, Volunteers, juries, What is needed.


Special mention deserve these monitors and volunteers, most students and former students of this school, Although this year we also had some incorporation of neighboring Faculty of education. Students who through delegation, GUI, appeals to the collaboration which we have done in the classroom, they are happy. Alumni who don't ever walk, I have never been "ex". They come ready to work on the afternoon of Friday, Despite the night of the computer, and to get up early on Saturday morning for much, much gigs. Which desire to collaborate!! What great! In addition to this the companions of the Centre that will help us in many of these tasks, address, technical, janitors thank you all!


Call us idealists, but in our school something moves. Moves a sense of belonging, a spirit that the school is our home, to come back and that we can bring our children wanting to learn things that no doubt will be good for them in some way. Perhaps some of the children we've seen Saturday here in the future will be students and who knows if teachers of this school and thus closes a circle.


Finally, and not least, Scratch Day organizers would like to thank the sponsorship without which would not have been possible to carry out the event: the Telefónica Chair mobility and education, University of Valladolid, the school of computer engineering, the Department of computer science, the Professional Association of engineers in computer science, Everis and Gigabyte enterprises, the Club of young programmers of the grape which is already an entity with force, and particularly Juan Jesus Herguedas San Miguel, self-employed worker, that particular title made his donation to help that there were awards in competitions.


We hope that there is always people so, willing voluntarily to give things to the society, to feel grateful and give back what others just did with them, or simply because Yes, because they are good people.

The organizers of the IV Scratch Day Universidad de Valladolid 2015 (Bethlehem, Carmen, Marga, Paul and Yania)