Celebrations of the world day of Internet

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The schools of Informatics and telecommunication on the occasion of the "World Internet Day" organized a day the Friday 15 may to the 13 h. in the old library (Since the 12 h. There will be screenings and videos related to the Internet day)

The development of the day is as follows:

  • Presentation by the Director of telecommunication and the Director of information technology.
  • Talk by Dna "Security on the Internet and telecommunications". Patricia roof Martin, Regional Director northern area of the company GMV Soluciones Globales Internet and telecommunication engineer by the E.T.S.I of telecommunication of the grape.
  • Talk “The explosion of software thanks to Internet (a new software for a new era)”, Amalia Hernández Manager, the Master in computer engineering student, software developer, advocate for Agile technologies, and member of CyLicon Valley.
  • Opening room Hedy Lamarr.

After the opening there will be a contest Kahoot on Hedy Lamarr award there will be!
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World Internet day

World Internet day - Day


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