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  1. Presentation:
    • The BBVA Foundation announces its call for aid to researchers and cultural creators 2015. These grants are intended for researchers, creators and professionals of Spanish nationality with residence in Spain, or nationals of other countries with permanent residence or long-term in Spain that, being in intermediate stages of his career, are characterized by a scientific production, technological or cultural highly innovative.
    • In correspondence with the aim of contributing towards promoting highly innovative and creative projects, helps support a wide range of purposes, the entire choice of applicants, Since completing a research project, formed in highly specialized technical, study at a Research Center, write a book, compose a piece of music or any other facet of own project.
  2. Areas:
    • Basic Sciences (Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics)
    • Biology and Biomedicine
    • Information Technology and Communication, Other engineering and architecture
    • Sciences of the environment and Earth Sciences
    • Economy, Finance and Management
    • Law and Social Sciences (Right, Political Science, Sociology, Anthropology, Demographics, Human geography, Psychology and educational sciences)
    • Humanities (Philosophy, Philology, Literature, Linguistics, History, Aesthetics, History of art and musicology)
    • Journalism, Communication and Information Sciences
    • Arts Visual and Digital Art
    • Music (composition, direction and interpretation) and Opera
    • Creative writing and theatre
  3. Staffing and execution deadlines:
    • Shall be granted a maximum of 55 aid for the whole call. The maximum gross amount of each of the aid will be 40.000 EUR. The projects presented have a minimum duration of 6 months and a maximum of 1 year, Since the beneficiary receives the first payment of the aid. The activity for which the assistance requested should be completed by the end of this period.
  4. Mode and deadline for submission of applications
    • All applications should be submitted exclusively through the application available on the web site of the BBVA Foundation:
    • Deadline for submission of applications: from the 1 March of 2015 to the 20 may of 2015, to the 19.00 h., CET.

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