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The Friday 10 at 13h in the Hall of Degrees will be a meeting at which the details of this contest will be explained.

The GreenTIC League offers prizes up 3000€ the best suggestions on apps and new technologies to collaborate on respect for the environment.

The European project Life GreenTIC launched a design competition, actions and projects that raise genuine alternative to demonstrate, inculcate and spread respect for the environment through ICT, from the possibilities offered by social networks to mechanisms app or behavior of the citizen against the computer screen.

To receive these proposals, in a second phase have sold options before companies interested for further development, LIFE GreenTIC launches a competition, the GreenTIC League, offering prizes of € 3,000, 1500€ 500 € and two best project, the best action and the best idea, respectively.

If you want to participate, teams must create a minimum of three and enroll in the form of the League. Once validated the team, Now you can start working.

The project is the most lucrative prize, amounting to 3000 EUR. As projects, the contest accepts (including new and tangible proposals that provide participants know) Original ICT tools (software, applications, websites, apps, etc.) or studies on the impact of ICTs on climate change and its economic impact.

The best action may give the winning team 1500 EUR. In this category are included, among others, campaign events or Green ICT action plans in an educational setting, institutional or corporate, and the development of a Strategy / Action Plan Green ICT for a public or private organization. In addition, are also perfectly valid every imaginable elements for the disclosure or information about Green ICT and the relationship between ICT and the environment, as Facebook pages or informative videos on Green ICT short, able to Youtube.

Finally, ideas are just small sketches to make the world a healthier place through ICT, and are worth 500 EUR. It would, for example, to say that “develops an App to report locations, schedules and materials collected from recycling centers in the region”, or that “sound an alarm when the battery reaches Smartphone 100% and alert the user to unplug the charger”.

In the latter category there are two prizes, one that gives the jury and another that is resolved through a contest on social networks LIFE GreenTIC, to automatically opt all ideas (even awarded) and that will resolve with the greatest number of Likes in a photo of the Facebook page.

LIFE GreenTIC looking for the best ideas, awareness campaigns and projects that combine intelligent and responsible use of ICT with respect for the environment. For more information, You can consult the terms on its official blog: http://mihuellatic.lifegreentic.eu/liga-green-tic-emprende/