HackForGood 2015

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The HackForGood is a hackathon focused on social innovation, where new ideas are developed, services or applications that help solve social problems.

In this new edition of 2015 the theme was:

  • Smart Cities, Smart Worlds, Smart Society
  • M2M, Internet of Things
  • Impact on people and citizens (higher, children, students, young men, people with disabilities, common people, unemployed…)

The headquarters of Valladolid is the School of Engineering at Valladolid. Here's agenda:


We explain in a little more detail what this is:

  • The first day four speakers of the social world they were issues that certainly are a technology-based solution. After that, We invite you to a cup of coffee. Just now, have the opportunity to talk with other attendees to team if you do not already have, and further, to establish a more or less fixed idea of ​​development you do. After coffee, happen 4 concurrently workshops, where useful things in practice face an agile project development.
  • The second day was all day working on the project, designing, programming, maturing the idea, etc..
  • The third day details finalized, presented what has been done and the awards.

One thing to clarify is that it is an open event: anyone can come, whether or not the UVa, either programmer or designer, doctor or nurse, education / social work, journalist.. everyone can contribute something, enjoy the first day talks, etc..

Just invite everyone! Admission is individually per person, It's free and you can sign in:

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Did you say prizes ..? Yup! There are few indeed:

  • There are local and global awards, as the event unfolds in coordination with other 9 offices.
  • The premises consist of:
    • A first prize of 1000 €
    • A second 600 €
    • A third 400 €
    • In addition, be proposed along these days a few more.. Stay tuned!
  • Consist global:
    • Another money, more ambiociosa the older local -¡iría!
    • A scholarship 100% provided earlier by the UNITE for Master in Computer Security.
    • Determined any more.. como en los locales 😛

We will update with new information, closing things as we go.

It is a very interesting event, Not the hype lose!

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