Called the i3 Awards 2015

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Recognize the effort and work of professionals closely related to computer engineering in Castilla y León

The professional Colegio de Ingenieros en Informática de Castilla y León Announces Awards i3 2015- to be delivered on 15 May during the Gala Night VIII of Computer Engineering Castilla y León – in the following categories:

  • Computer Engineer of the Year: one prize for Computer Engineer by its trajectory in the last year or his previous career was distinguished as a person who is badge and reference within the community of Engineers of Castilla y León.
  • Best Doctoral Thesis in Computer: award dedicated to the best doctoral thesis in computer science presented at the universities of the Autonomous Community.
  • Best Computer Startup: with this award is to recognize the most relevant computer startup in the territory of the Autonomous Community
  • Most relevant public or private organization for Informatics: The prize is a recognition of the public or private organization of Castilla y León that is most relevant in the field of information technology in general and collective of Computer Engineers in particular.


Deadline for submission of candidatures: 21 April of 2015 to the 23:59 hours

Please send application to the I3 Awards,

Read the rules: Bases i3 Awards – 2015
Web: VIII Night of Computer Engineering Castilla y León

For more information: 983.396.459