Meeting Enterprise-Computer /
Master in Computer Engineering

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Date: 25 March, 12h 13.30 h

Place: Old Library School of Computer Engineering

Encounter Program

We want you to know the Master in Computer Engineering, developed in partnership with leading companies Informáticas all areas (local, regional, national and international).

To do this we organized a roundtable with the participation of:

  • Teachers, explaining their subjects.
  • Students, explaining their experience, practices and TFM (Master's Thesis).
  • Representatives of companies, explaining their interest in the Master:
    • College Professional Engineers of CyL, Innovative Business Association Cybersecurity and Advanced Technologies, Anfix, Códice Software, Cognizant, SolidGear, Tecsidel, Telefónica I d, Xeridia.

The aim is to improve information about the Master in Computer Science, official qualification that enables the profession of Computer Engineering. Aimed at students and computer companies. In addition it aims to create communication channels that allow the company to participate in the teaching of the Master through the program keynote speeches already underway and facilitate collaboration with research groups associated with the School of Computer Science.