Space Missions Earth Observation

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Place: Degrees room of the Computer Engineering School.
Date: Wednesday 18 March of 2015, 12h
Speaker: Patricia Pisabarro Marrón

What are the applications of a space mission earth observation?
Patricia presents the various stages through which passes a space mission of Earth Observation, and gives details on operations monitoring and control, planning processing and telemetry signals that occur.

The Deimos-1 mission is the first mission entirely private capital of Europe with its own satellite earth observation, and Deimos-2 It is the first private mission high resolution.

Patricia Pisabarro is the Head of Satellite Operations Elecnor Deimos Imaging, and as such is responsible for managing the operations team of Deimos-1 and Deimos-2 missions, comprising control tasks and monitoring satellites, configuration, management and support teams ground segment, and mission planning.

Video chat below: