Hackathon Valladolid 2015

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The Gregorio Fernández Concerted Education Center organize, the next few days 4 and 5 March, the third edition of Hackathon (http://vallahackathon.es) in the auditorium of Caja Spain's golden fountain in the center square and Gregorio Fernández own.

We are currently at the third edition of this event with more and more followers in Valladolid and Castilla y León. The VallaHackathon is as objective the approach of theoretical and practical content taught in advanced vocational training of Multiplatform Application Development (http://damgregoriofer.wordpress.com) and Guide, Tourist Information and Assistance (http://gregoriofergiat.wordpress.com/) the current working world that soon will face our students. In addition, with the participation not only of companies with significant technical profile as:

but also other important educational institutions in Valladolid allows our students to have a glimpse of the range of possibilities if your decision is to continue studying (University of Valladolid , Miguel de Cervantes European University , University Elizabeth I)

Specifically, in the event the students of CFGS tourism is responsible for organizing the event and computer CFGS students will be able to learn from companies that are developing apps currently in the real market. Furthermore the collaborative learning in the post contest papers to be developed, It is an important point in the educational development of any student, has the proficiency level. We also appreciate the participation of Antonio Ibanez (Head of Service and Corporate Web SIAU in Castilla y León) promoting the use of Open Data.

Unity, responsive web, open data reuse, Android security, Firefox OS are some of the many topics discussed. Also if we reward the best best developers: tablets, iPAD mini, 100 euros in the English Court…..

On this occasion Javier Avail student at the School of Computer Science, will talk about the second day of “Cloud Platforms” for use in developing applications.

Attached event schedule which lists speakers and partner companies from where you can also inscribe:


For any information please contact the Gregorio Fernández Centre on phone 983 471 600 or email: vallahackathon@gregoriofer.com

Facebook: http://facebook.com/vallahackathon
Twitter: @vallahackathon
YouTube: https://www.YouTube.com/watch?v = bvMX5TuQzJk


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