IMPORTANT NOTICE: Temporary shutdown of the computer system

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Dear colleagues:
As you have been able to ascertain, during the last three weeks we have suffered repeated failures in the computer system of the School. Thanks to the intense and strenuous efforts of technical, both the school and the department of Informatics, with which we share hardware management, the situation has been maintained, but now it is essential to perform an orderly shutdown of the entire system to try to make a diagnosis of faults.
Given that we are finishing the semester, we sought a slot in which there are no scheduled activities, since tripping will mean that the school will no network, therefore, not function laboratories or classrooms platform.
This “blackout” is scheduled for Wednesday 14 January starting at 12 h, and will last approximately two hours.

In the confidence that the inconvenience and discomfort caused by this issue are the minimum possible, from the management team of the School I thank you in advance for your understanding.