Successful Party Code in ETSI Informática

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The Party Code ETSII UVa has been successful. Our particular hour of code has shown many things.

What we can do working students, teachers and pas, in the school there are eager to learn new things, we have excellent human capital.

The organization wishes to thank the Party Code

  • the Directorate of School for the support and advertising,
  • the technical center and the Department of Informatics all the assistance and participation in the Party Code,
  • teachers and students participating by giving color to the event, to show that we can all learn something new and we can learn from each other,
  • university computer group GUI and the delegation of students
  • in capital in particular to students who developed and taught basic and advanced tutorials on programming languages ​​because their work has made this event possible quality that has developed.


We hope that these events are repeated because we believe are what make SCHOOL