University training for professional performance suited to the demands of the market

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This talk took place on 10 of December, Wednesday, at 12 in the Graduate Hall School of Computing.

Emiliano Muñoz, alumnus of this school, shared his experience 20 years in the ICT sector and its vision of the adequacy of the technical university training to the professional world.

Video chat below:

Emiliano Muñoz Vicente -Segoviano of birth, He studied Computer Engineering at the University of Valladolid, and after passing through several companies, decided to change course going to Ireland to work in the Department of Engineering of Apple Computer Ltd., getting experience in the development and implementation of tools for monitoring and control of production processes in Apple.

In 2004 Emiliano returned to Spain to found ProximaSystems, company which is now director, and where he has directed and led the development of patents.

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