PARTY CODE. Event ' Hour of Code’ at ETSI computing

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Day: Wednesday 10 of December
Recipients: Students, PDI and PAS ETSI Informática
Place: Multipurpose Room (antigua biblioteca ETSI Informática)
Log (necessary):

Start time: 13:00 (but we hope to complete the conference 12:00)

First time: basic tutorials (up until 14:30)

Want more? Stick around to eat and still!

Between 15:00 and 17:30: advanced tutorials would you go making your first application?
Apatece do you program a web server? Everything is possible!

Want whats? Want to employ at least an hour of your time to learn from scratch a programming language with which you've never programmed?

The Student and the University Computing Group have actively worked to have prepared a set of basic and advanced tutorials of the following programming languages:

Ruby, Goland, Python, Javascript, Android and php

Choose your language, check your time availability, determines how far you want to go and see the Party Code shares a #HourOfCode Us!

¿We will miss you??

Bring your laptop and eager to learn and program

The week of the 8 to the 14 December has been declared Week of Computer Science.

The increasingly known nonprofit organization promotes this week

Here's President Obama speaking to American students this week.

One of the most popular activities that are carried out in this context is "Time Code" (Hour of Code)

We at the School of Computer Engineering we join this event and organize what we have called the Party Code. Search on this page Valladolid and we find:

With this we want to join Party Code to value our profession and to emphasize the importance of programming in our profession and in today's world.