“Bubbles: entrepreneurship and videogames”

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3 of December, School of Computer Engineering

In this talk issues bubble bubble entrepreneurship and video games in general were treated. The goal is to share experiences in the process of entrepreneurship, and to help those who do not know where to start.

Starting a business is not easy: There are many obstacles of all kinds. Also a major bubble occurs in the venture because of the aid that currently exist. This is a danger for many, and this talk will attempt to illuminate a little way through the journey that has taken the company Rapture Games.


In the afternoon there was a workshop on Blender tool, totally free. To go it is necessary to enroll in:

On this occasion an exercise to work different modeling techniques Bezier curves becomes, such as the volumes of revolution, with volume curves and edges with skin modifier. It also deepens something in materials and rendering engine Cycles, the publisher node and, for those who go sobrados, There is a brief introduction to image postprocessing.

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