“Love in the Time of Virtualized Machine”

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Wednesday 26 November, at 12 am in the Hall of Degrees of ETSI Informática.

Talk by Jorge Gutierrez, Company Tecnilógica.


Virtualization ... Love or Interest?

  • What is?
  • What are the advantages?
  • Technologies there.
  • What is the orchestration?

Jorge Gutierrez He is CEO and founding partner of Tecnilógica. His working life has surfed amazing courses, one voyage from genetics, Databases, analysis technologies such as data warehousing, and thence to systems.

Tecnilógica founded with two other partners makes 12 years and was devoted to the part of management and systems architecture, both internal, and client. A couple of years began to devote his time to the management of the company and is still root of all systems, but stop being expected soon, to devote himself to the management of the company.