Advances in Graphic Simulation: technologies and applications

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He held the 15 October, Wednesday, to the 12h in the Graduate Hall of ETSI Informática

In the talk some technologies and applications developed are shown in the company Next Limit and the fields of application and the most interesting current trends.

The speaker of this talk, Victor Gonzalez, founded in 1998 Next Limit,and there is currently leading a workforce of 60 people, occupying a prominent position in the international market for creating software for visual simulation and scientific.

In 2008 recibió el "Technical Achievement Award" ("Technical Oscar") American Academy of Cinema for product creation RealFlow to simulate fluids on the big screen.

Other awards are a Double IST Prize (Information Society of Technology – Europa) in 2006, it "According Chomón", technical award from the Academy of Cinema and the Spanish National Prize of Computing in 2014.


The field of graphic simulation is in a time of great growth due to the capabilities of modern hardware and cheaper devices.