And then what? The ICT sector in Castilla y León. Fi-Ware project

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Speakers: Fernando Pérez Martínez, Aurora Lopez Garcia, and Jorge Pascual, we will talk about the reality of work and entrepreneurship in Castilla y León.

Date: Wednesday 8 October at 12pm in the Graduate Hall of ETSI Informática.

Photos of the talk


Fernando Pérez, President AVEIN, reported during the talk about the project FI-WARE. The European Commission has conducted numerous performances in the period 2007-2013 to enhance the positioning of Europe in the field of Future Internet technologies. Within these actions include the creation and operation of the Future Internet PPP (Public Private Partnership on Future Internet it), and the FI-WARE project which has funded the development of a programming environment Future Internet open source for use in the development of projects and commercial applications.

In this line of work, recently through the call ICT 1.8. the European Commission has funded 16 projects related to Future Internet, whose main objective is to finance software applications in different areas of work based programming environment FI-WARE. This means having 80 million to fund applications entrepreneurs and SMEs through 16 calls for projects with funding of approximately 5 million each.

The ADE is participating in these activities it Future Internet, and in fact is a partner in one of these projects focused on field of Smart Cities. The intention is to inform entrepreneurs and SMEs in the region of the funding opportunities in these calls and work to facilitate the submission of draft regional companies, for which they are carrying out advocacy, dissemination, training and specific advice, with the aim of bringing these funding opportunities to potentially interested companies.

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