Free Entrepreneurship Training Program on the campus of Valladolid

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  • The program extends over four weeks, of the 20 October to 12 November.
  • The timing of the formation consists of seven hours daily in 09:30 to 13:30 (days 20-21-22-27-28 October and 3-4-12 November) and one for the description of the projects. There are also 8 hours of tutoring groups.
  • It is a program in which the participants must be in one of the following situations:
    • Master students of UVA.
    • Learners 4th (preferably) and 3rd grade at UVA.
    • UVA PhD.
    • UVA alumni (than three years from completion) and currently unemployed.
  • Up prior to the start, must submit a photocopy of ID and a document showing the current link to the UVA.
  • Delivered diploma meeting the requirements (attendance at sessions and project tutorials) of 150 hours.
  • Before training begins, are given a preliminary interview to select participating students. Depending on your preference schedules, the schedule that best suits all fixed. This is important for classroom training, because mentoring is more important because they work in groups adapt.
  • The number of students is required 18 to 25 students; training must end, least, 18 students.


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Link the program where indicated Universities that have participated in this program. In the first call participated 38 universities 45 campus, and they found 85 courses 400 projects.

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