Entrepreneurship Course

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The UVa Science Park along with the School of Industrial Organization EOI- organize the entrepreneurship program 'University Entrepreneurship' in order to promote entrepreneurial culture among college students.

The training program is free and is aimed at classroom and university students in the Campus of Palencia and Valladolid who are pursuing an official master, who are in the final year of degree, postgraduate and doctoral; plus unemployed youth graduates from the University of Valladolid in the last three years.

Training in the Campus of Palencia will take place in the Lecture Hall of the 23 June to 16 July and 30 June to 17 July the Campus CTTA Valladolid in Science Park. For each campus are offered a maximum of 25 squares whose beneficiaries will receive training in innovation, planning, marketing and industrial property, among other areas. The teaching part will end with the presentation of a project.

Formation extends along 37 contact hours and tutoring.

This program aims to show college students the creation of a company as an attractive alternative to paid employment, where they can develop their creative and innovative potential, at the same time gives them the tools needed to study the feasibility of a business idea.

Certificate shall be issued share 150 hours of duration.

Registration Entrepreneurship Valladolid: http://bit.ly/1n8GxIO

Registration Entrepreneurship Palencia: http://bit.ly/1pCy2sw

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