Everis Selection Day Valladolid

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The 25 June, to the 10:00 H, Everis Selection took place in the Hall Day School Grades. It is especially suitable for senior students and graduates and (point to the graduating), and that the selection process includes contracts Everis, scholarships and work experience and / or conduct of TFG / TFM. The company made a comprehensive presentation in the Graduate Hall and later, in some classrooms reserved for this purpose, conducted interviews and dynamic selection process for.

Whether you qualify, like if you go to inform the selection process of this company, You can register. The attached poster explains how to enroll, sending your CV to the central HR Company:


Just sign up by sending your CV to Spain.mad.hhrr@everis.com

with reference: everis Selection Day@Valladolid




If you have any questions you can check the address of the Secretariat of ETSI Informatics. There's also information leaflets of the company at your disposal.

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