Open Enrollment Training Program Huawei “The Future of ICT”

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Training Programme for students THE FUTURE OF ICT is an initiative of Huawei Spain, in collaboration with the School of Industrial Organization (EOI), which is part of the overall project of the company "Telecom Seeds for the Future". The program, whose first edition took place in Spain 2013, will see an increasing number of students selected 10 to 15 in this second edition. Selected students receive a scholarship of approximately two weeks to train in China.

For this gives 15 scholarships that fully cover program costs. The winners will attend a course in Chinese language and culture in Beijing, visit Hong Kong and will attend a training course a week based on the field of Telecommunications and Technology Research Central Huawei, in Shenzhen.

In addition, They know the Huawei Exhibition Centre, its logistics center, laboratory of I D, and manufacturing center.

The program will be developed entirely in China during the first fortnight of July 2014.

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