Students from the School of Computer Science pass the first phase of the Think Big program

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Students Fidalgo Diego, David Soler, Andrés Escobar and Adrian de la Rosa have passed the first phase of the program Think Big.

Fidalgo Diego and David Soler had worked together previously in HackForGood, when he and Javier Alonso and Cristian Poncela won with a project that consisted of a bluetooth button allowing a user to move disabled an interface for tablet by scanning techniques. A story about it:

Andrés Escobar received the news that he had been selected to enter the Think Big program Telefónica, and it would be tutored by Antonio Ferreras. He entered his final year project (Actimed). This system allowed users seniors do therapeutic exercises in front of a computer using a Kinect, and among other things, detect falls. Later joined the team and David Soler Diego Fidalgo.

The last two have managed to build a small prototype, with which they have passed on to the next phase of the program ThinkBig (called BUILD), which will be given more training and money to push through the fall detector. You can throw it out here:

On the other hand, Adrian de la Rosa was presented alone to the first call for ThinkBig, about a year ago and a half. Following one of the 130 Selected projects, began work on implementing QR codes in Medina del Campo monuments. Later in the project, Javier joined Avail, Carlos Lobo and Manuel Terron. They also had Tania Sevillano and Rodrigo Roig, Students of Art History at UVa, y Aaron Monroy, Commerce student at UVa.

Adrian and his colleagues created a prototype mobile application that allowed them to win the first edition of the Premiosapps Fundación Telefónica. After this first level, were one of the 34 projects chosen to go to the BUILD phase ThinkBig.

Although the application is now available for FirefoxOS, is about to launch Android and iPhone. The official website is

The following link some press releases and other materials on the project meet: