Delivered the HackForGood awards 2014

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Already passed HackForGood and local awards were handed Valladolid the day of completion of the Hackathon.

The awards were as follows:
– First prize: JamsaProject
– Second prize: Alergant
– Third prize: DVKids
Premio Fi-Ware: Pragmation

The second and third prizes were awarded to students from this school primarily, and belonging to University Computing Group, although the team was multidisciplinary and had participants from other areas outside the ICT.

From G.U.I. along with one of the technicians of the School and with external participation, formed two teams to compete in the HackForGood2014.

Two applications of social context is created, as requested in this hackathon.

One team, GUIRmet, creó Alergant, a directed application to vegetarian people, vegan and allergy and / or foodborne illness involving various food intolerances. Alergant is a restaurant locator where you you state your conditions / preferences and the city you are in and about it you shows you a list of restaurants in the city that have indicated that fit the conditions and / or eating problems selected. We are working for a future in the geolocation is used, and a notification service on new restaurants. He has focused on web ( y App bajo Android 4.0.3 higher. Also we are working in parallel to migrate the application to FirefoxOS.

The other application, DV-Kids, conducted by the development team GUIKids, focused on creating a long half-application addressed to hospitalized children whose hospital stay is. It is aimed to strengthen the emotional-social environment of the patient, make your stay more bearable and serve as reinforcement educators hospitals serving the application and support for children to express their feelings, better distinguish emotions and learn through play. It is aimed at children between 4 and 7 years. It is intended to bring this application especially hospitals.

Thanks to the development and the work carried out in the two-day hackathon, both groups, GUIRmet y GUIKids, managed to get the second and third place respectively.

If you wish more information about any of the applications please get in touch via e-applications that are then:

DVKids: guikidsH4G [at]

Alergant: Info [at]