“Presentation of the activities of Engineers Without Borders. Electronics Ethics”

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Next Wednesday 9 April, at the end of the talk on Wednesday (approximately 13h15m), will be the presentation of the activities of Engineers Without Borders in the field of Computing. Electronics Ethics Campaign

The place: Multipurpose Room (old library)

Have not you ever wondered what may have to do with the Technology Development? What's behind the phones we use increasingly? How telecommunications and informatics can contribute to the development of disadvantaged communities in the Democratic Republic of Congo, Ghana, from Amazon, Sahara, etc.? The Students of Engineers Without Borders (ISF) wants to present to students in the School of Computer activities and projects in this field, and more specifically, Ethical Electronics campaign.

More information about the campaign Electronics Ethics: https://www.isf.es/ee/

No requirement is not necessary to attend this talk, o, in your case, to work with Engineers Without Borders. Anyone interested can do. Those invited to attend.

Student Association of Engineers Without Borders at UVA