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If you are under 31 years and you have an innovative business idea or technology base, you can submit your application before 23 April through the web:


The City Council of Palencia, in collaboration with the International Centre Santander Entrepreneurship (Isse), and other public and private entities committed to the promotion of innovation and entrepreneurship, develop in a new Yuzz Palenica YUZZ Center Program "Youth with ideas" to promote talent and entrepreneurship, aimed at young people aged between 18 and 31 years, that reside in the city or province of Palencia, and submit their innovative ideas to competition in accordance with the procedure established by the organization.

Youth selected to participate in the program provide support YUZZ, training and assistance aimed at facilitating the development of a project based business ideas and proposals may be eligible for awards in this competition provided.

Join the program Yuzz

Join the program Yuzz

Youth interested in participating in the program YUZZ "Youth with Ideas" must submit a single application that will contain the description of one or more innovative ideas. Integrated applications by more than one promoter will be accepted.

Candidates must complete the registration form available on the website of YUZZ Program: WWW.YUZZ.ORG. The form is designed to facilitate the presentation of the candidates and their ideas and obtain contact details necessary for the development of the selection process. With optional, candidates can attach a video presentation of no more than three minutes.

The Santander International Entrepreneurship Center, Isse, agrees to maintain absolute confidentiality about the ideas proposed by the candidates and the candidates themselves, regardless of whether or not they can be finally selected. Once the selection process ended, all files associated with the applications not selected, including video material, will be removed from the site and destroyed.

The date for receipt of applications is 23 April of 2014.

Selection of participants in the program Yuzz

Selection of participants in the program Yuzz

The organization of the program YUZZ preselect, before day 29 April of 2014, maximum 30 applications associated with each of the existing centers YUZZ.

Shortlisted candidates will be obtaining best score in the assessment of the following:

About the developers:

  • Entrepreneur Profile
  • Candidate Biography
  • Ability to communicate orally or in writing proposed the idea

On ideas:

  • Innovative component
  • Creativity
  • Business Opportunity
  • Business growth potential based on the idea proposed

Proponents of short-listed candidates will be contacted by phone or email and will be invited to a personal interview as a basis for evaluation and final selection of A maximum of twenty participants for each center YUZZ.

Personal interviews will be conducted in each province centers YUZZ own for a specific committee including representatives of local partner organizations, may to invite you to join the representatives of SECOT, Business Advisory Senior Volunteer, and Banco Santander.

The names of the promoters of the selected candidates will be posted on the website of YUZZ Program "Youth with Ideas" located at the URL: WWW.YUZZ.ORG before day 5 may of 2014.

Features Yuzz program

Features Yuzz program

Successful candidates will join the YUZZ Program "Youth with Ideas" and may benefit from access to high performance centers and accelerators talent who will receive help and support to develop their business ideas.

Participants will work on their own personal projects but, in parallel, may form multidisciplinary teams composed of 3 – 4 persons jointly develop ideas from different participating candidates in their own YUZZ Centers.

The YUZZ Program available to participants:

  • Centers YUZZ. Workspace located in facilities provided by collaborating organizations with communications infrastructure and equipment necessary for the development of training and working in partnership.
  • Mentoring program and multidisciplinary advisory. Personalized tutorial support for each of the participants in the program YUZZ. Tutors and mentors are entrepreneurs "senior", management consultants or professionals with proven experience in developing business plans for innovative technology-based companies or. Tutors support learning and provide ongoing attention to helping entrepreneurs develop skills from the experience and guidance to young people in developing their business plan.
  • Network of Experts. The YUZZ Program offers participants a wide network of experts includes leading professionals from the world of entrepreneurship, Company and technologies, teachers and researchers and academic specializing in innovation and entrepreneurship. The network is composed of more than 200 experts located throughout the country to share with the participants their teaching or professional experience through talks, lectures, workshops and other training.
  • Training pathway support the academic curriculum. Training in creating and managing business and innovation management, based on case studies of entrepreneurs and oriented to the acquisition of skills and competencies of the entrepreneur.

The services mentioned will be available for participants only development of the activities of the Program YUZZ.

Each center will be a YUZZ committee support for tracking and monitoring the work done by the participants.

Participants may cease in YUZZ Program if they fail to fulfill the following obligations:

  • Attendance at meetings with support committee in charge of monitoring and monitoring the work of the participants and shall have a minimum frequency fortnightly.
  • Attendance at meetings, Monthly, tutorial.
  • Minimum of two hours of classroom work for at least 3 days per week.

If during the course of YUZZ program support committee was deemed unfeasible evolution or development of a business idea to the participants will be notified in order to facilitate redefining your idea or to start work on another idea submitted by contestants selected in the same YUZZ Center.

The YUZZ program lasts seven months.The training and collaborative work in YUZZ Centers will start from the second week of May extending up end of November with a break for holidays during the month of August.

During this period, work processes and activities developed in YUZZ Centers may be the subject of videotaping in order to develop specific programs for dissemination through the web platform EMPRENDEDORESTV.COM.

The last week of October 2014, composed of representatives of partner organizations jury, SECOT, Banco Santander and Santander International Entrepreneurship Center (Isse), will select the best project in each of the centers YUZZ.

The promoters of selected projects, one project per YUZZ Center, will have the opportunity to travel one week to Silicon Valley, en California, to see first hand the main international benchmark in innovation. If collaborate on a project several participants, only be eligible for a place. The working group should indicate the organization, before the end of September, who would be eligible under the Travel.

The trip will last one week. During these days, Selected youth will have the opportunity to visit some iconic technology companies, interact with different stakeholders from the academic and business environment and engage in "networking" according to an agenda designed by the organization YUZZ Program.

In December 2014, composed of representatives of partner organizations jury YUZZ Program, Banco Santander and CISE, will select the top three national projects.

The three projects selected will be awarded a prize for the development of their business projects according to the following distribution:

  • First prize: 30.000 €
  • Second prize: 20.000 €
  • Third prize: 10.000 €

The failure of local and national awards may result in the organization of various communication activities aimed at informing the results of YUZZ Program and the promotion and visibility of the business projects of the participants.