The E.T.S. Computer Engineering hosted the European Day for students Unistem Day on stem cells

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Organized by the Science Park and IBGM, was held on Friday 14 March. UVa is one of six Spanish universities and 45 European participants in this informative activity aimed at 20.000 high school students, which aims to stimulate the interest of young people and help them discover a talent for science and scientific research from stem cells.

Over a hundred students from Bachelor of Science and Technology of Valladolid public schools had the opportunity to know the latest developments on stem cells from the hand of Dr. Ana Sanchez Garcia of the University of Valladolid, Dr. José María Blackfriars Cantalapiedra the IOBA and the University Hospital of Valladolid, and Dr. Luis Miguel Redondo, University Hospital of Rio Hortega.

The day was completed with a role play in which students deepened about the use of stem cells.

Photos from the event below: