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The General Foundation of the Valladolid University (FUNGE) starts the Edition 2014 the PROMETHEUS program for the development of market-oriented prototypes.

Beneficiaries. Participation in this call:

  • Students in their final year of any official degrees offered at UVa.
  • Students of any official master taught at UVa.
  • PhD students from UVa.
  • Teachers belonging to any department of the UVa.
  • Researchers linked to UVa.

Applications. To formalize the nomination should be sent to email the following documentation 01 March to 11 April of 2014:

  • Curriculum Vitae updated.
  • Scanned copy of the receipt of course registration 2013/14.
  • Memory Project to develop according to the model is provided to effect (download model).
  • Affidavit signed and scanned over the possession of other fellowships for study or the project presented (download model). (Excluded those projects funded in whole or in part, directly or indirectly, by companies, technology centers, etc.)

Eligibility. All innovative projects may participate in this call the results meet the following requirements:

  • In the case of a new invention involving a substantial novelty.
  • Involve inventive activity.
  • Have industrial application.
  • They are projects to secure new software developments, computer programs or applications for mobile devices (web pages are excluded).

To be selected maximum 10 projects that include economic and other incentives amount of interest to the group of beneficiaries.
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More information on 983 186 353 or in