Working in international organizations such as CERN: Take into account!


Talk Miguel Ojeda-Sandon of the CERN.
Held 26 March, from 12h to 13h.

Would you like to work in an international organization?
Would you dare to go abroad?

If you're brave ...

You know you should start looking for opportunities long before completing their studies?
Would you like to know which organizations are?
Do you know how is the working environment in one of them?
Is it different from working in a company?

There are many job opportunities for students at UVa that you may have not raised!

The talk begins with ...
The talk begins with an overview of leave to work abroad: prerequisites, most valued skills, pros and cons, etc.. After, Miguel explained his personal experience working at CERN since its inception as Technical Student, Fellow y finalmente Staff: daily, the unique work environment, the complex internal structure, anecdotes ...
The talk concludes with ...
The talk concludes with a description of the specific opportunities for computer science students to work at CERN. For example, for a few weeks in summer (Summer Students) or for a few months (Technical Students).

Miguel Ojeda, Software Engineer at CERN (the European Organization for Nuclear Research) and alumnus of UVa ETSI Informatics, aclararte try some of these issues and encourages you to get out.

See more information in Opportunities at CERN.

Video of the talk: