“How much is my mobile? Social and environmental impacts of electronic”

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Held the 7 may of 2014, 12h at room degrees.


Santiago Gómez Cáceres. Professor of the Department of Electronics Technology. University of Valladolid.

Alejandra Martinez Monés. Professor, Department of Computer Science and member of Engineers Without Borders.

Do you ever wonder what's behind all the electronic devices we consume? How are materials that are made get, under what conditions are made, and what is done with the large amount of waste generated during disposal? Do you know the ranking value electronic products in relation to their social and environmental impact? In this talk, Santiago Gómez Cáceres, UVa professor and expert on the subject, talks about the social and environmental impacts of electronics from a lifecycle perspective. It presents the proposal of Electronics Ethics as a means to reduce problems and improve the situation. Alejandra Martinez Monés, Professor of Computer Science and a member of ETSI Engineers Without Borders, presents the work that Engineers Without Borders is doing in this topic.

More information on: https://www.isf.es/ee/ee.html