Entrepreneurs Foundation Award Everis 2014

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What we reward?

An innovative project, technological, social or environmental management framed in any of these three categories:

• Information Technology and the Digital Economy
• Biotechnology and Health
• industrial and energy technologies


• The winner: 60.000 euros for the development and launch of the project. Additionally you get a package of advisory services by i-deals, valued at 10.000 EUR.
• Second prize: 40.000 euros for the development and launch of the project and the same advisory services receiving the winner.
• Finalists: advisory service for the project valued at 5.000 EUR.

See Competition Rules

More information on: fundacioneveris.es
Deadline: 27 March of 2014.
The sooner you send us your project better.

For inquiries please refer to: fundacion.everis@everis.com