Talk V2.0 "Property of Software"

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Given the interest among those attending the previous talk, on Thursday 30 January at 19:00 h we will have a briefing on the Property Software CPIICyL organized in collaboration with AVEIN.

This time, take place in the Agency for Innovation and Economic Development of the City of Valladolid, C / Vega Sicilia 2-bis. 47008 Valladolid

The aim of the talk is the explanation of basic concepts in the legislation (fundamentally, IP), from a practical point of view by exposing real examples: contractual regulation and conflicts arising from the same . A relaxed chat and symposium to exchange knowledge and experiences

Issues to be discussed
  • Who owns the software developed for a third? Does the creator? Does the developer? Do workers hired by these? Does the customer?
  • Who owns the software when it is the work of various natural or legal persons? Analysis of the headlines and content of the various copyright law recognized by.
  • Assignment of rights, license. Identification and resolution of issues that must be addressed and regulated in contracts in this area.
  • Problems of integration in complex FOSS projects.
  • Protection of these rights: defensive protection, enrollment record, notarial actions

It will be given by Jorge García Herrero, senior associate at the law department of the office of Garrigues in Valladolid, with 14 years of experience in corporate transactions and contracting company specializing.

If you want to attend Book your place. (Free pre-registration until all seats)

Day: 30 January
Time: 19:00h
Place: Agency for Innovation and Economic Development. C / Vega Sicilia 2-bis. 47008 Valladolid