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The PFC / TFG will be developed under the agreement with HP in Leon, under the joint leadership of HP professionals and professors from the School.

It is an excellent opportunity for students to get in touch with a leading technology company at the time the project is working or.

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List of Offers
SmartLog. Deploying application log messages Almost one 100% of computer tools developed have some system log. However, the analysis of these logs for information or conclusions is complex and manual. SmartLog is a new tool designed in Java so that operators can analyze applications and easily obtain the information stored in the log messages.
Image Processing with RabbitMQ In LFP, in the project ePrint&Share, in the initial project architecture, we chose to use a messaging system based on Amazon SQS for image processing. Subsequently, has had to discard this option.
It would be very interesting for this business area (LFP -> Large Format Printing), work with an open message broker technology as can be RabbitMQ.
The project aims:
– Develop an alternative to the current architecture with RabbitMQ
– Modify existing business logic image processing from feasibility pilot conducted with RabbitMQ
Development of tools to improve code quality SAP-ABAP IV The project involves the creation of one or more tools, developed in SAP-ABAP IV, engaged in analyzing code quality about certain programs. The tools discussed points as harcodes, nomenclature, comments,…
The tools discussed several SAP code objects and display a selectable list of all detected points, on which the user can choose which tasks to perform.
The tools are configurable and expandable in cases treated and their proposed solutions, being able to add new cases and new cases possible solutions to existing.
Versioning Tool Linux HP-SVNClient HP-SVNClient (Subversion Client) is a solution of HP-oriented management and control of information, a tool that is integrated with Linux filesystem "File Manager" as Nautilus or similar on a desktop GUI "GNOME" for distribution "Ubuntu / Debian" is claimed
The objective is to develop a tool in Java for easy handling and use, similar to the "Tortoise" or "RabbitVCS" tool available for Windows OS, that allows performing simple tasks versioning information in Linux OS. (Uploading information to a repository, download information, version history, etc.)
Development of a WebApp for the Front Panel a large format printer HP In order to increase the flexibility and utility of the printer towards customers, HP has a JavaScript SDK with which to develop web applications that can be executed in the printer. SDK tells possesses capabilities to: Manage print, handle the scanner, receive events inks State, etc.…With these capabilities and those available on the Web poses that students can make an application in HTML + JavaScript to perform some useful task. As a suggestion to develop an application able to print an area of ​​Google Maps directly from the printer arises, using the printer SDK and API provided by Google.
Migracion de red spanning tree a VPC The project involves the study of the feasibility and choice of the new network infrastructure, for the elimination of spanning tree on a CISCO CATALAYST environment to a new environment with VPC CISCO nexux (virtual port channel).