Live broadcast of the launch of the satellite GAIA

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Aula Magna of the Faculty of Science,
Thursday 19 of December, 9 – 12 h.

The next day 19 December the European Space Agency (THAT) GAIA will orbit the satellite, from the European spaceport in Kourou located, French Guiana. GAIA is a scientific mission whose objectives are primarily Astrometry, as generating a catalog billion stars, and the location and characterization of brown dwarfs, search for exoplanets, study of asteroids and test some results of the theory of relativity by analyzing the deflection of light to its close passage to massive bodies. GAIA will be placed in a special orbit, away from the terrestrial environment 1.5 million km, by a Soyuz launcher and the launch will be broadcast live.

For this reason, Section of Physics of the University of Valladolid in collaboration with the ESA has organized a academic public event in the auditorium of the Faculty of Science, directed to the general public and teachers and students of the university related to science and engineering forefront. The contents of the agenda will focus on the dissemination of ESA activities academe, presentation and explanation of the GAIA mission and live broadcast of the launch.

This act authorized by the Agency to, also, you will find represented by one of the investigators of the mission, belonging to the technology center ESTEC ESA, located in the Netherlands and college students who can discuss and learn first hand the management of scientific tasks of the Agency. Moreover, Opening the event, to the 09:00 Day 19, will be borne by the Vice President for Research and Science Policy at the University of Valladolid.