Pucela Testing Days

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From CPIICyL, as collaborators of Agilecyl, They offer us an interesting event!! PucelaTestingDays

Do you hate to do tests? do you love? do you think that it is not worth nothing and is wasting time? Do you know what is TDD? and ATDD or BDD?

PucelaTestingDays It will cover all the points of the Testing with various technologies: Java, PHP, IOs, Android, Groovy, Spock, GEB, etc... With 4 different chats!!

This Saturday, 16 November begins with the first talk: "INTRODUCTION TO TESTING, TDD, ATDD.. software development centered in the testing, mostly from the perspective of their integration into the development workflow (TDD, ATDD...).

More information: PucelaTestingDays