Adrian Gonzalez Rodrigo, ETSI computing student, winner of the Prometheus Scholarships 2013

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In the paper entitled: AprendeMat: Android Application based on the Singapore model for learning and assessment of mathematics skills at primary.

In the 5th edition of this program, have been selected as recipients of the scholarship total 11 projects, 6 and software in the form 5 in the form of patents, which are endowed with economic compensation 500 and 1.000 €, respectively. In addition, has made the protection of works and authors have received specific training in intellectual property.

Prometheus Scholarships are a activity in the framework of the Knowledge Transfer University-Industry (TCUE), financed by the Junta de Castilla y León under the University-Business Strategy of Castilla y León 2008-2013.

Adrian Gonzalez has made the implementation for use in tablet OS. Android for the booklet for the first year of Primary Education Publishing Marshall Cavendish Int (S) Pte Ltd, Singapore, world leader in teaching mathematics education reportedly PISA.

Application has been developed keeping in mind that it was not only preparing a booklet, but a platform fairly easily to include the rest of the booklet until the entire primary education. In addition, has introduced a system of student management and reporting, as it is intended to cover both home use as Primary centers. This project has been tutored by Belén Palop River.