Online specialist in Computer Vision course

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These days still open Registration period in version on-line Specialist Course in Computer Vision (CEViC) coordinated by Prof.. Javier Finat Recognized Research Group MoBiVAP (Modeling, Biomechanics, Advanced Visualization and Heritage. Along with several colleagues involved in this course we taught different subjects over the last ten years. Currently we have a team of ten people that support the Course. The proposed version on-line the CEViC was passed late last July by the Board of Governors of the University of Valladolid. The course will run from 1 November 2013 to the 30 April of 2014, practical work can be delivered end to the 10 in September of 2014.

Course orientation is professionalizing ie oriented applications the Computer Vision in different professional environments (aerial photography, aid of diagnosis, p.e.), industrial (robotics, navigation, Quality Control, p.e.), utilities (security, surveillance, infrastructure control, p.e.) or multimedia content production and mobile application development (repository management, 3D modeling, video manipulation, Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, video 3D, p.e.)

As educational material will be provided to the students enrolled in book form notes, presentations, solved and proposed exercises, practical work relationship. All designed so that students can perform on-line learning of 5 During modules comprising:

to. Image Processing and Analysis

b. 3D Reconstruction

c. Movement

d. Recognition

e. Stereo Vision

This course is intended not only to support academic institutions or groups of R & D of all Spanish-speaking countries (included USA), but try to develop a collaborative professional environment facing public or private entities interested in the applications of Computer Vision.