How can you help a head-hunter in the job search?

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The next Tuesday 28 may We will have the opportunity to discover it "from within!”.

We are going to tell with Miguel Alhambra, specialist recruiter in the computer industry that during 2 hours will tell us:

  • What are the functions of a recruiter and how we can help.
  • How to prepare a good curriculum.
  • How to get a good interview.
  • How to have presence in professional social networks.

It's an interesting day for a wide range of professionals:

  • For those who have experience and are thinking about changing jobs (or find a job, taking into account the current complex situation) taking full advantage of his career.
  • To the newly (and future!) graduates you need to know how to do an interview and why the difference between doing so good and evil can be crucial in her career.
  • All to find out how a professional "recruiter" can get us opportunities that we would not discover and present us better that we ourselves would do it.

Join next Tuesday 28 from May to the 18:30 in the CTTA in the Miguel Delibes Campus of the University of Valladolid.

If you are interested in attending Book your place. Limited capacity

It will take place on the CTTA - building(Science Park), Tuesday 28 may, 18.30 h