32Nd call Awards project graduation (PFC) Universia Foundation - Vodafone España Foundation

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This proposal is aimed at students of engineering that since January of 2012 June of 2013 they have presented and approved the corresponding project in any Spanish University, public or private.

The objective This call is to reward and promote results within the framework of the information technologies and communication (ICT), destined to promote accessibility and socio-labour integration of persons with disabilities and integration in daily life.

The Jury be granted a Prize to the winner PFC, endowed with an amount of 5.000 EUR, and two runners up who shall be responsible for a number of 3.000 and 1.500 EUR respectively. The amount of all awards shall allocate to a training action. However, in the event that the winner decides to perform a business project, You can make use of the funding of the prize to this end.

The call will be open from the 21 March of up to the 30 in June of 2013 inclusive. The resolution of the winners will take place in two phases. The first, where is selected the three finalists, will end the 15 in September of 2013.

The final resolution of the call will be held before the day 31 in October of 2013 and will be published on the website of the Universia Foundation and the Vodafone Spain Foundation website.

See more information on the microsite https://candidatos.fundacionuniversia.net/microsites/PremioPFC2013/

The announcement press release.
Information about the winners of the previous call.