Indexing and browsing of the Web graph: challenges and scalable solutions

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Next Conference in the series of Big Data.

Speaker: Susana barks database laboratory (LBD), Universidade da Coruña.
Date: Monday 11 March of 2013, 12:30 hours Salón de Grados, Computer ETSI

Overview: There is no doubt of the importance of the role played in our website every day. Millions of users create, share and view information on a network of pages and content that is constantly growing. The structure of the Web, It can be easily represented as a graph, It is a source of information of great interest which is used in different fields, as in the improvement of the search on the Web, the detection of communities, etc.. Due to the size of the Web, It is impossible to use traditional techniques to represent, Browse and analyze your graph.
This problem is a challenge and can be approached from different perspectives, mainly depending on the requirements of time and space that we need to meet. In this talk we will try to characterize the graph of the Web, Learn about the usefulness of the analysis of its structure, and how to deal with the problem of its size.
The study of graphs of the social Web will also be part of our agenda.

Biography: Susana Ladra holds a PhD in computer science from the University of A Coruña, lover of mathematics and quasi-a degree in mathematical sciences from UNED. Contracted Professor doctor at the University of A Coruña and a member of the laboratory of databases, where he has developed most of his research and participated in various projects and agreements with companies. He has done stays at the CSIC, University of Chile, University of Helsinki (Finland) and University of Waterloo (Canada). Its main lines of research are compact data structures for the information retrieval and algorithms, compression of texts, and data on volumes of massive data mining.