Social hackathon

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The aim of this event is to bring together developers, designers and entrepreneurs social around a collection of challenges, proposed by stakeholders or participants themselves, that is proposed during a weekend. We know that there is so much talent that can be put at the service of social initiatives and we want, next to other members of the network of chairs and other companies and participants, invite you to put your two cents in this action, We organize for the first time in Castilla y León and which we believe can represent an interesting starting point to consolidate a collective interest in turning to social entrepreneurship.

It will be held at the same time in 6 the next Spanish cities 1, 2 and 3 March. In Castilla y León, the event is held in Valladolid, organized and promoted jointly by the Telefónica Chair “ICT and active ageing” in the University of León ( and by the Telefónica Chair “Mobility and education” the University of Valladolid (

Of course, We invite you to visit the web site of the event, from which you can access information from all locations, the challenges and different entries that will help to focus adequately on the objectives, the motivation and the possibilities that open participation in HackForGood. Also you can follow us on Twitter (@Hack_ForGood) o participate in discussions and lectures around the theme, using #HackForGood hashtags or #h4g.

You attach a informative dossier that motivates and summarizes the event.