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The Club aims to provide a meeting point to young programmers of Valladolid and surroundings. He has room so the kids who already have some experience programming as those who want to engage in this.

In particular, We will start using the language Scratch, specifically designed by MIT for the teaching of programming. With this language we can work on projects of very different types, Since the generation of animations to the game programming. Also Scratch enables us to interact with the environment through robots, so the Club will have engines available, sensors and parts to play with the LEGO WeDo, as well as several educational robots Moway.


The Club of young programmers of the grape is open to young people from the 8 years.

Performance and schedule:

The CJP-UVa will be open on the Monday of each week (According to the academic calendar) between 17 h and 20 h at the seminar 102 the ETS ing. Computer science. Each student can decide your schedule within this range.

Coordinates: B. PALOP, V. Cardeñoso, AND. Crespo, C. Hernandez

More information and registration:

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