‘ Network researches ’. Tool for the management and dissemination of research projects

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Alba Blasco, former pupil of the ICT ETSI offers the tool ‘ Network research’ for the management, Indexing of research projects and dissemination of Universities and Research centres. This tool allows to exploit the resources, given conoceer and disseminate the results of research, so as to obtain the impact appropriate within the ideal of knowledge transfer.

The goal is to relate the various research projects and other researchers, so arise relations of cooperation and collaboration, When you currently working in similar or related areas of knowledge.

The price for belonging to the research network and have an application to manage and disseminate the project involves a single payment of 400€ VAT. In addition offers the possibility of acquiring a domain name for the researcher (cost 8.20€ / year VAT included) and hosting services (web hosting) 72€ / year VAT included.

If you want to contact Alba Blasco Celma, You can do this using the following options:

  • C / Santa Maria, 11 – 4TH A 47001 – Valladolid
  • 651 166 921 – 983 319 923
  • albablasco@tictacsoluciones.com
  • www.tictacsoluciones.com