Digital Anatomy workshop

From the Science fantasy ( in collaboration with the resp ( is organizing a series of workshops of neruociencia taking advantage of that we are in the year of neuroscience.
The first workshop covers the topic of digital Anatomy, taught by the staff of the national centre of research of human evolution (Burgos). During the workshop will be given a brief overview of the history and principles basic biomedical image analysis techniques (such as computed tomography or magnetic resonance), as well as the techniques and their application in different areas of research in anatomy Digital (medicine, Neuroscience, zoology, peleontology…), with the fields of neuroanatomy and the paleoneurologia-specific examples. Subsequently passed to briefly show different packages computer which are used for such purposes.
The workshop is this Saturday 28 April at 11 am at the facilities of PRAE (Calle Cañada Real 306, Valladolid). Places are limited so it is essential to make the reservations in PRAE (phone 983 379 714 or email;

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