A student of our School in team UVa winner of the second prize of the international phase of #Hack4Edu


A multidisciplinary team from the UVa participated in #Hack4Edu. The UVa participated as an ally of this event and proposed the YoLoFácil-TúLoImportante challenge, that was solved by this team in just 3 days. . . . → Read more

Honor enrolments awarded in End-of-Degree Jobs in Computer Engineering


The Bachelor of Computer Engineering Degree Committee was assembled on 27 in October of 2020 agrees to award the Honorary Enrollment qualification for the End-of-Degree Jobs in Computer Engineering carried out in the course 2019-2020 by:

Mr. Iván López de Munain Quintana at the Computer Mention. Mr. Daniel . . . → Read more

A UVa team qualifies for the Semifinals of the second edition of the National Cyber League organized by the Civil Guard

This team consists mostly of students from our School but with the participation of other disciplines, demonstrates the necessary multidisciplinaryity of Cybersecurity in which it is also important to take into account legal aspects, communication and management strategies. . . . → Read more

Wednesday talk: Cloud Basics

Date and time: 18 in November of 2020, 12h
Place: General Laboratory 1L018 (Agustín de God) / online by WebEx:
or using meeting number: 121 717 3132
Password: BEiJJFpy368
Speakers: Antonio Roosting Bellido: Computer engineer with close proximity to 20 years of experience working as a certified specialist . . . → Read more