Minsait talk: 'Del monolito a los microservicios y apificación de recursos'

Bankia anti-fraud projects will be discussed, API Management and the need to stifg and monetize APIs in digital transformation . . . → Read more

Alten's Talk: 'Transformación digital. An affordable business goal'

We will talk about how to accompany companies in their digital transformation and establish scalable conversations with customers . . . → Read more

ElevenPaths Talk: 'Developers facing cyberspace threats'


We will show some of our products to deal with threats, the technologies we use and how we build them. . . . → Read more

Charla del profesor Dr. Jörg Hettel : 'Introduction to Quantum Computing'


The qubit will be presented as the new unit of information and a description of quantum physical information processing shall be discussed. . . . → Read more