• Chat Inclam

    From Inclam we will tell how have managed to join the StartUp world with companies of classical Engineering Technology Department (Agile)

  • Talk Silverstorm: Machine learning and sports

    Using artificial intelligence techniques, we can be able to improve the performance of teams and the decisions of coaches, improving analysis that these work they perform every day

  • Fortinet talk: ‘ Cybersecurity, a team work’

    Discover how teamwork can provide seamless security to respond to the most critical security challenges

  • Talk GMV

    Presentation of GMV, where moved to the students the reality of the daily work in the company


Act of investiture Dr. Honoris cause David A. Padua

Dr. David A. Padua is the first engineer in computer science “Doctor Honoris Causa” University of Valladolid, on the proposal of the school of computer engineering . . . → Read more

Cabrero bald sea talk: 'Construye tu futuro'


Mar Calvo tells us about travel to his career since she completed her studies at the school of computer engineering . . . → Read more

Deprogramming Enigma - School party

On the occasion of the celebration of the school, held this programming Gymkhana on Thursday 8 March from 12 o'clock in the classroom 101. . . . → Read more

José Pérez Ríos, nombrado 'Académico' de la 'International Academy for Systems and Cybernetics Sciences'

Of the approximately 30.000 researchers and professionals from the field of Cybernetics and systems science, 53 they are members of the Academy . . . → Read more