Act of investiture Dr. Honoris cause David A. Padua

Dr. David A. Padua is the first engineer in computer science “Doctor Honoris Causa” University of Valladolid, on the proposal of the school of computer engineering . . . → Read more

Google talk: 'Construyendo software a gran escala en Google'

If you are interested in attending, You must sign up for https://Goo.GL/KGLZ5D . . . → Read more

Charla de Leonel Sousa: 'Cache-Aware Roofline Model: Performance, Power and Energy-Efficiency Limits of Multi-cores'

In this talk, a set of fundamental Cache-aware Roofline Models (CARMs) are presented, which describe the performance, power, energy and energy-efficiency upper-bounds of parallel architectures, namely multi-core CPU and GPU architectures . . . → Read more

Meeting Computing Company - Computer Engineer School

It will take place on Wednesday 2 may. . . . → Read more