Conferencia 'Data analytics adoption: lessons learnt in the educational context'

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Resumen: Data mining and analytics techniques have been used to extract actionable information in many domains. In the case of education, there has been a fast expansion of learning and teaching analytics with the aim of supporting learning and teaching practices.

Despite the potential benefits, the adoption of data analytics solutions is still challenging in authentic educational settings. This presentation will provide you with an overview of challenges and design principles to overcome them.

Es una charla dentro del Máster Universitario de Investigación en TIC, impartida por María Jesús Rodriguez Triana, Doctor por la UVa. Senior Researcher at the Centre of Excellence inEducational Innovation of Tallinn University (Estonia),

Lugar: Aula 9, Edificio TIC, Campus Miguel Delibes
Fecha: Miércoles, 18 de abril de 2018
Hora: 16:00‐18:00